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Vertigo and Chiropractic

Vertigo and Chiropractic

Vertigo is that dreadful feeling of dizziness. With this illness, the room can seem to be spinning as if you are caught up in the cyclone with Dorothy and Toto, or you can have that feeling of moving when you are completely still. In severe cases, vertigo can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. It can last a few days with lingering symptoms for up to a couple couple of weeks, but in some cases, it can last much longer—even months.

vertigo and chiropractic

What is vertigo?

So what exactly is vertigo, which comes from the Latin word “vertere,” which means “to turn.”? Well, there are two types of vertigo.

First, there is Peripheral Vertigo, which occurs as a result of a problem in the inner ear or the vestibular nerve which is the direct connection to the brain.

The second type is Central Vertigo, which occurs when there is a problem in the brain, particularly the cerebellum, which deals with coordination of movements and balance.


A little more than 90% of this illness is brought on by the following:

  1. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). This is when there is a change in the calcium crystals floating in the semicircular canals of the ear.
  2. Meniere’s disease.This is also an inner ear disorder that may affect hearing as well as cause dizziness.
  3. Acute peripheral vestibulopathy (APV). This is an inflammation of the inner ear, which can bring on a sudden onset of vertigo. On rare occasion, this can be brought on by a cyst or abnormal bone grown in the inner or middle ear.


There is easy, effective relief from the symptoms of this illness. Like Dorothy’s house landing in Oz and all is still, Chiropractic care can alleviate the symptoms or completely eradicate the the problem.

In a study conducted by the Maple Grove Chiropractic Clinic in ON Canada from 2006 through 2011 entitled “Chiropractic Management of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Using the Epley Maneuver: A Case Study,” all patients reported full resolution of their symptoms.

Case studies have also shown that chiropractic treatment can help control the effects of Meniere’s disease. One case study by Chiropractor Peter C. Emary cited in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine from March 2010, stated:  “Treatment included primarily high-velocity, low-amplitude spinal manipulation to the upper cervical and thoracic spine, along with soft-tissue trigger-point therapy, and stretching exercises. Within 2 weeks of treatment, the patient’s tinnitus had resolved; and all other symptoms (including vertigo) were improved.”

Vertigo may cause your head (or more to the point, your room) to spin, but with chiropractic care your symptoms can be easily adjusted away.


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Dr. Allamm Morales, M.D.

Dr. Allamm Morales has over 15 years experience in personal injury and a wide range of neurological disorders. He has privilege, and provides patient care in local Baptist hospitals.

He was Chief Resident at the Neurology Residency Program of the University of South Florida, and worked at the Florida Hospital of New Smyrna, and St. Luke Hospital in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He also served many years with the Florida Neurology Institute, Inc.

Dr. Morales is a Diplomate of the American Board of Vascular Neurology, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Dr. Morales studied in Nova Southeastern University, Davie, FL, had residency at the Caibarien General Hospital, Cuba, and obtained the MD degree at the Superior Institute of Medical Science in Cuba.

Deric L. D’Agostino, D.C.
Chiropractic Physician

“The health of a body is in direct proportion to the health of its nervous system. The nervous system controls every cell, tissue and organ in your body, tap into that and “miracles” will most certainly happen!”

Dr. Deric D’Agostino attended the Logan College of Chiropractic and has been helping patients at Absolute Injury and Pain Physicians for the past nine years. Around here we call him “Dr. D.”

Dr. D’Agostino specializes in Koren Specific Technique and in the treatment of injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. He is a master of his craft and firmly believes that chiropractic treatment can not only help the body but also the mind. His sense of humor and the personal attention that he provides really puts patients at ease.

Dr. D’Agostino genuinely listens to the patient while working very hard to erase their pain-inducing symptoms. He is always seeking out continuing education and new methodology to add to his care repertoire.

When he is not helping patients find relief, Dr. D’Agostino enjoys training for sprint triathlons, gardening, as well as being an awesome father and husband. You will most likely find him at our Arlington location dawning a huge smile while drinking his homemade juice.